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Welcome to OPI's K-12 Course Code Mapping Tool

To prepare for using the new codes in 2012-13, OPI has created a K-12 Course Code Mapping Tool for districts to map their local course codes to the new OPI course codes. This is an optional tool for districts to use to facilitate the mapping process. Districts do not need to replace their local course codes, but map them to the new OPI codes. This process needs to be completed by districts prior to the submission of school personnel assignment information in October 2012.

With this mapping tool, your district will be able to save your work and make revisions as needed over the next several months. You will be able to save these mappings to a spreadsheet and import them into your local Student Information System or manually input them.

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If you have any questions, please contact Joan Anderson at 406-444-0701 or janderson3@mt.gov