New Endorsement Codes

As of April 15, 2013. The Office of Public Instruction’s Educator Licensure Division began working in a new system. One element of the new system is a redesign of the licensure endorsement codes, and eventually mapping those endorsement codes to a common course numbering system aligned with these endorsement codes. We hope this provides more transparency to both the Licensure and Accreditation Division work as we continue on the path of data.

License history will still show the endorsement codes in effect prior to April 15, 2013.

The columns in this report are "sortable". To view the endorsements by order of the new code, click on "Code". To view an alphabetical listing of the endorsement descriptions, click on "Description".

Code Description Grades
00E DNC PSC Dance K-8
00E EC Early Childhood PK-3 K-8
00E ECE PSC Early Childhood K-8
00E ELE Elementary K-8
00E GNT PSC Gifted and Talented K-8
00E MS Middle Grades 4th-8th K-8
01S ENG English, Language and Literature 5-12
01S JOU Journalism 5-12
01S SPE Speech Communications 5-12
02S MAT Mathematics 5-12
03S BF Science (Broadfield) 5-12
03S BIO Biology 5-12
03S CHE Chemistry 5-12
03S EAR Earth Science 5-12
03S ENV Environmental Education 5-12
03S PHY Physics 5-12
03S PSC Physical Science 5-12
04A NAS Native American Studies K-12
04E NAS Native American Studies K-8
04S ANT Anthropology 5-12
04S BF Social Studies (Broadfield) 5-12
04S ECO Economics 5-12
04S GEO Geography 5-12
04S HIS History 5-12
04S HUM Humanities 5-12
04S NAS Native American Studies 5-12
04S PHI Philosophy 5-12
04S POL Political Science 5-12
04S PSY Psychology 5-12
04S SOC Sociology 5-12
05A ART Art K-12 K-12
05A MUS Music K-12 K-12
05E ART Art K-8 K-8
05E MUS Music K-8 K-8
05S ART Art 5-12 5-12
05S DRA Drama 5-12
05S MUS Music 5-12 5-12
05S THR Theater 5-12
06A ARA Arabic K-12 K-12
06A CHI Mandarin Chinese K-12 K-12
06A ESL English as a second language K-12 K-12
06A FRE French K-12 K-12
06A GER German K-12 K-12
06A IRI Irish K-12 K-12
06A ITA Italian K-12 K-12
06A LAT Latin K-12 K-12
06A RUS Russian K-12 K-12
06A SPA Spanish K-12 K-12
06E ESL English as a second language K-8 K-8
06E FRE French K-8 K-8
06E GER German K-8 K-8
06E IRI Irish K-8 K-8
06E ITA Italian K-8 K-8
06E LAT Latin K-8 K-8
06E RUS Russian K-8 K-8
06E SPA Spanish K-8 K-8
06S ESL English as a second language 5-12 5-12
06S FRE French 5-12 5-12
06S GER German 5-12 5-12
06S IRI Irish 5-12 5-12
06S ITA Italian 5-12 5-12
06S LAT Latin 5-12 5-12
06S RUS Russian 5-12 5-12
06S SPA Spanish 5-12 5-12
06Z ASB Assiniboine  
06Z BLA Blackfeet  
06Z CHE Cheyenne  
06Z CHI Chippewa  
06Z CRE Cree  
06Z CRO Crow  
06Z DAK Dakota  
06Z GV Gros Ventre  
06Z KOO Kootenai  
06Z SAL Salish  
08A HE Health Enhancement K-12 K-12
08A HEA Health K-12 K-12
08E HE Health Enhancement K-8 K-8
08E HEA Health K-8 K-8
08E PEd Physical Education--Elementary K-8
08H PEd Physical Education P-12  
08S HE Health Enhancement 5-12 5-12
08S HEA Health 5-12 5-12
08S HSI Health Sciences Informatics 5-12
08S HSS Health Professions - Support Services 5-12
08S PEd Physical Education--Secondary 5-12
10A CIS Computer and Information Sciences K-12
10S CIS Computer and Information Sciences 5-12
11S BRO Broadcasting 5-12
11S GRA Graphic Arts 5-12
11S PHO Photography 5-12
11S STC Stagecraft 5-12
11S THA Theater Arts 5-12
11S VID Videography 5-12
11S VIS Visual Communications 5-12
12S BUS Business Education (Broadfield) 5-12 5-12
12S CIS Computer Information Systems 5-12
12S CS Computer and Information Sciences 5-12 5-12
12S MAR Marketing Education 5-12 5-12
12S OFF Office Occupations 5-12
13S IA Industrial Arts 5-12
13S IM Industrial Mechanics 5-12
13S ITE Industrial Technology Education 5-12
13S MCH Machining 5-12
13S MET Metals 5-12
13S WLD Welding 5-12
14S HPB Health Professions - Biotechnology 5-12
14S HPI Health Professions - Informatics 5-12
14S HPT Health Professions -Therapeutics 5-12
17S BM Building Maintenance 5-12
17S BT Building Trades 5-12
17S CAB Cabinet Making 5-12
17S CAR Carpentry 5-12
17S DRF Drafting 5-12
17S ELC Electronics 5-12
17S MAS Masonry 5-12
17S PAI Residencial and Commercial Painting 5-12
17S WOO Woodworking 5-12
18S AB Agriculture Business 5-12
18S AG Agriculture (Class 1 or 2) 5-12
18S AH Horticulture 5-12
18S AM Agriculture Mechanics 5-12
18S FO Forestry 5-12
18S LP Livestock Production 5-12
18S NR Natural Resources 5-12
18S PS Plant Science 5-12
20S ATB Auto Body 5-12
20S ATT Automotive Technology 5-12
20S AV Aviation 5-12
20S DM Diesel Mechanics 5-12
20S HEM Heavy Equipment Mechanic 5-12
20S HEO Heavy Equipment Operator 5-12
20S HYD Hydraulics 5-12
20S SE Small Engines 5-12
21S ENG Engineering 5-12
23S CA Culinary Arts 5-12
23S FCS Family and Consumer Sciences 5-12
30A ART Supervisor K-12 Art K-12
30A CUR Supervisor K-12 Curriculum K-12
30A HPE Supervisor K-12 Health & Physical Education K-12
30A LIB Supervisor K-12 Library K-12
30A MUS Supervisor K-12 Music K-12
30A PRI Principal K-12 K-12
30A REA Supervisor K-12 Reading K-12
30A SCO Supervisor K-12 School Counseling K-12
30A SPE Spec Education Supervisor PK-12 PK-12
30A SUP Superintendent K-12 K-12
30E ELE Supervisor K-8 Elementary K-8
30E PRI Principal K-8 K-8
30E SUP Supervisor K-8 K-8
30S BSS Supervisor 5-12 Social Studies 5-12
30S CTE Supervisor 5-12 CTE 5-12
30S DRA Supervisor 5-12 Drama 5-12
30S ENG Supervisor 5-12 English 5-12
30S HIS Supervisor 5-12 History 5-12
30S MAT Supervisor 5-12 Math 5-12
30S PRI Principal 5-12 5-12
31A CO1 School Counselor 1 K-12 K-12
31A CO6 School Counselor 6 K-12 K-12
31A LIB Library K-12 K-12
31A PSY School Psychologist K-12
31A REA Reading K-12 K-12
31A TNE PSC Technology in Education K-12
31A TRE Traffic Education K-12
31E CO1 School Counselor 1 K-8 K-8
31E LIB Library K-8 K-8
31E REA Reading K-8 K-8
31S CO1 School Counselor 1 5-12 5-12
31S LIB Library 5-12 5-12
31S REA Reading 5-12 5-12
32A HI Special Education P-12 Hearing Impairment PK-12
32A SPE Special Education PK-12 PK-12
32A VI Special Education P-12 Vision Impairment PK-12
32E SPE Special Education PK-8 PK-12
32S SPE Special Education 5-12 PK-12
33S DCABLE Dual Credit Only - Applied Business Leadership 5-12
33S DCACC Dual Credit Accounting 5-12
33S DCANT Dual Credit Anthropology 5-12
33S DCBUS Dual Credit Business Communications 5-12
33S DCCJ Dual Credit Only-Criminal Justice 5-12
33S DCDA Dual Credit Dental Assistant 5-12
33S DCHLTH Dual Credit Only-Health 5-12
33S DCHUM Dual Credit Human Services 5-12
33S DCINT Dual Credit Interpersonal Communications 5-12
33S DCMED Dual Credit Medical Ethics 5-12
33S DCSCU Dual Credit College Success 5-12
33SDCCL Dual Credit Computer Literacy 5-12
OTHER Other - No Endorsement in Conversion